Saturday, December 5, 2009

And Ruth begat . . . Jesus, the Messiah

If you would allow me to explore a certain idea for a few days . . .

For at least the past eight months, I have found myself in the presence of the book of Ruth. In the past, I simply thought of it as one of those beautiful stories in Scripture, but recently I have read, and been taught from it in a new light. The theme of redemption is so prominent. And during this time of Advent, it is becoming more and more clear that Ruth (the great-grandmother of King David--the line from which our Savior was born) lived and breathed a Truth that could rival the message of the Prophets. Ruth stepped out in faith to join the family of God, and by doing so became a vital participant in the lineage of God's Son. Much like Mary (Jesus' mother), Ruth was an active respondent to the Lord's will.

As a person who has studied history and researches family history as a hobby, I have an obvious fascination with the genealogy of Jesus. But this is not just about all those wacky names and linking one person to another. The lineage of the Messiah is unlike any other ancestry in history because Jesus was the Son of God. Those who came before Him were fully man (not divine), but they were unique and called participants for God's plan. They were not better qualified to beget a Savior, they were normal people who humbly (and sometimes not so humbly) sought after their Heavenly Father.

We'll continue this more later. Try reading through the book of Ruth (it's pretty short) and then Chapter 1 of Matthew. See if any connections pop out.

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