Thursday, December 23, 2010


When the year dies in preparation for the birth
Of other season, not the same, on the same earth
Then saving and calamity together make
The Advent gospel telling how the heart will break  . . .

– C.S. Lewis (from “Launcelot”, Narrative Poems)

If you think too deeply, it is rather overwhelming that the Lord of Heaven and Earth was born. And still more perplexing that it was a common birth—one with sweat, fear and pain.  His very act of being born confronted the curse which Christ was sent to vanquish (the pain of childbirth—Genesis 3:16)

 How ironic that God would send His Son in such a way. Growing up among peasants and refugees – that he might adopt us as his own. Learning the trade of his earthly father –that one day he would shape our human hearts. Communing the Father and healing lowly people—to teach us how to love. I guess it’s not much of a surprise that He would be born. How else would he teach us how to live?

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