Monday, December 24, 2012

To Grasp the Grandeur

Many, many years ago, the Mayans designed a circular calendar to better understand time and seasons. Scientists today have observed that the last date recorded on this stone disk is December 21, 2012. Countless people around the world saw this as a sign that the world would end. How could the Earth continue past human prospected time? 

As believers in the Lord of all creation, we know this could never be the case. The One who operates outside of space and time is not controlled by man-maid devices. From His Word, we know that one day the world will end. But it will be bookended by Jesus’ return. He will not come softly as He did when the Word became flesh—the humble, lowly birth of a Savior. When Jesus comes again, it will be full of judgment, might, and power. 

During Advent, we focus on the Incarnation—the amazing mystery of God becoming Man. But it is just the beginning: 

When the year dies in preparation for the birth
Of other seasons, not the same, on the same earth,
Then saving and calamity go together make
The Advent gospel, telling how the heart will break.
Therefore it was in Advent that the Quest began...

- C.S. Lewis, "Launcelot", Narrative Poems, p.95

As this Advent season comes to a close and we celebrate the Day of Jesus’ birth, let us indeed heed the Time in which we live, and live in hopeful expectation of His glorious return.

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