Sunday, December 18, 2016

Consider the Clouds

I generally don’t like flying, but my favorite part of being stuck on a plane, is the view above the clouds. Yesterday morning I flew from Chicago to Nashville, and I was once again astounded by the sea of clouds beneath me.

For many thousands years of human history, people had no opportunity to see this view. Yet today, we so often take this marvelous view of creation for granted. And that got me to thinking . . . this is what it must have been like when God’s people were waiting for the Messiah. From a normal human height, the beauty of clouds can still be awe-filled, and most people don’t know what they are missing. It is just a glimpse, a sample, a “type.”  

In the same way, all the archetypes and prophecies of the Old Testament could not prepare them for the way God would send the Messiah. Today we so often take Jesus’ humanity for granted. Yet the beauty of Christ’s dual humility and majesty has the power to astonish beyond rational understanding.

It is not a perfect parallel, but I love it when creation effectively reflects an aspect of God’s character. May we ever be open to seeing the Lord’s workmanship reflect its Creator.

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