Thursday, December 5, 2013

a Majestic Humility

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of blogs and articles about making Christmas simpler. I think the idea is well intended—this desire to soak in the season and focus on Christ. But I wonder if simplicity isn’t the answer. To slow down, yes. But as we try to push aside consumerism, social stress, and busyness, what will takes its place?  More things, probably.

Centuries ago, as the ancient prophets spoke of the Messiah to come, the world was far from calm. Under the oppression of Roman rule, Israel was full of worry and fear. When Caesar Augustus made a census decree, cities and towns swelled and swarmed with travelers. It was not a simple time.

Yet, in humility Mary and Joseph obeyed the mighty and mysterious hand of God, packed up their belongings and traveled across the country to be counted. The birth of Christ was “simple” not because Mary and Joseph chose it to be so. The birth of Christ was lowly and poor because God willed it so. He chose to shrink His majesty and be born as a baby so that we might know Him more. Far from simple, the Incarnation is majestic humility.

Philippians 2:5-11

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