Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Poem: How It Ends by Ana Lisa de Jong

At the middle of the first week of Advent, it's time for an Advent poem! One of the primary reasons I began this blog so many years ago was to share the Advent/Christmas poetry of one of my favorite authors, Madeleine L'Engle. My sharing of poems has waned, but I always on the look out for a meaningful poem that can speak the words my heart feels.

So here is today's poem:

How It Ends 

by Ana Lisa de Jong 

We are stories within a story.
Narratives within the larger Word.
Even while we question meaning or reason,
we have comfort in knowing how it ends.

More than players on a stage,
we have our own self-determination.
We are safe to make decisions and choices,
within the provision of an all-encompassing plan.

Advent reminds us of the eternal story,
in which life and death take turns,
in entering from the wings.
And nothing in this world is ever final

while the Word has the enduring say.

We are stories within a story.
Narratives within the larger Word.
Even while we wonder at the purpose of our griefs,
with relief we keep our trust in joy’s return.

For Advent teaches us the story within the story.
The larger volume and the smallest detail contained.
Held together in a great unfolding scroll
by hands that reach from beginning to end.

Advent recalls to us the gift of waiting.
The treasure held close to Mary’s breast.
The heart already leaps for what isn’t yet,
this comfort is knowing how it ends.

The hope in which we, waiting,
place our faith.
The trust in what we know
has been conceived.



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