Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Come, and Linger Awhile" by David Head

This week I won't be able to share my own thoughts, as has become traditional for each Sunday in Advent. I've been really busy finishing up the semester and helping with my church's Christmas Carol event. So instead, here is a poem:

Come, and Linger Awhile
by David Head of  Ponder Anew

Come, and linger awhile
with ancient prophets who hear whispers of a
wonder they will never see, a
wisdom beyond  their understanding
and that their words can never fully express…
and yet that they believe in hope.

Come, and linger awhile
near a simple virgin girl who is
overwhelmed when an angel announces
(with terrible calm) that she will be
overshadowed by the Most High and bear a Son Who will
reign over all people and all things for all time.

Come, and linger awhile
through the restless night of a grizzled carpenter who was
shocked by the seeming betrayal of love’s sweetness,
reassured when an angel appeared in his dreams, and
stunned into faith that the Son His beloved carried would
save people from their sins.

Come, and linger awhile
in a shepherd’s night-darkened field,  at first
muffled in the ordinary quiet of snores and sheep sleep,
awakened by one angel, a messenger blazing with Glory, joined by
resounding songs & shouts of an angel battalion bringing
good news of great joy to all people.

Come, and linger awhile
by a rough feeding trough in a dead-end stable, where a
Baby lies, God’s glory in skin, proof that
Love arrives, heaven in our broken world, and from there
Hope eyes the promise of peace, joy, life forever.
So, this Christmas…

Come and linger awhile with Jesus.
Be breathlessly quiet,
kneel amazed, awestruck and grateful,
wonder-full and captivated by
Mercy in a manger.

and linger awhile.

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