Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"To Step into the Other Side of Christmas . . ."

Recounting a childhood epiphany that Christmas was indeed something special and holy, after abandoning her gifts, seven year-old Joni repeatedly leaned on the windowsill and gazed outside:

“Why did I feel this mysterious pull to get away, go beyond, even ‘step into the other side’ of Christmas? Bright red ribbon, scented pine branches, spices and candles, the softness of falling snow, twinkling lights, the joy and laughter—these things were warm and precious, but they also were inklings, hints, and whispers of an even greater celebration. A celebration to come. . .

On this side of eternity, Christmas is still a promise. Yes, the Savior has come, and with Him peace on earth, but the story is not finished. Yes, there is peace in our hearts, but we long for peace in our world. Every Christmas is still a 'turning of the page' until Jesus returns.”

- From A Christmas Longing by Joni Eareckson Tada

I highly recommend you find a copy and read this short book this Advent!


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