Monday, December 21, 2015

Longest Night of the Year

Tonight is the longest night of the year. In the church year calendar some refer to tonight at Blue Christmas. It is a time to reflect and lament the hurt and brokenness that exists in the world, and acknowledge that our God hears and sees us calling out to Him in our deepest need.

This evening a group of us gathered to sing and prayer and read scripture. We opened the time with this prayer.

Holy God of Advent:
you became weak
so we could find strength
in moments of heartbreak;
you left the safety of heaven
to wander the wilderness of the world,
holding our hands when we feel so hopeless;
you set aside your glory
to hold our pain so we might be healed,
even when there seems to be no hope;
you became one of us,
so we could never be alone
in any moment,
in any circumstance.
So come now,
Child of Bethlehem,
to strengthen us
at this time.

May we feel your presence
in a way we have never known,
not just as One born in a stable
long ago and far away,
but as One born in our hearts,
in our hopes, in our spirits,
in our weakness.
You have promised to go before us:
into our brokenness, into hospital rooms,
into empty houses, into cemeteries,
into our future held by
You our God,
and you are here, even now,
waiting for each of us:
to serve us,
to hold us,
to comfort us,
to live in us, now and forever. Amen

- a common opening prayer for the Longest Night of the Year

And here are three songs that helped us reflect:


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