Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wisdom Incarnate

When I was searching for Advent poems and quotes, I stumbled upon this long poem. I didn't know who it was by, but after doing some sleuthing I discovered it was written especially for for the blog of  The Crossing Church in Columbia, MO. It is a "found poem" based on an Advent sermon preached by Dave Cover in 2011.

An irritatingly
constant alarm
a very real warning
from a very real
and present voice.

Just a metaphor
or something more?

Wisdom Incarnate:
In the beginning was this Word.
This Word became flesh
and dwelt among us.

A voice calling
guiding us out
of the fog
and into
the light.

The Light shines in the darkness,
the darkness has not overcome it.

Wisdom is proved right
by actions.
The Image of the Invisible
became this
for us.

Wisdom is not
just a roadmap,
not just a list
of habits
for successful living.

Wisdom is a person.

To follow this voice
is shalom–
To follow this voice
is to be

Obedience is hard
but disobedience is impossible.

Will you listen?

The only way
you’ll follow
is if you believe
it’s true.

Narrow is the gate
for conflicted creatures
in need of a touchpoint.
Faith is not
religious observance
but trust.

How do I know?

Even more
than living poetry:
His body given.
His blood shed.

An endless supply
with no limitation
on what it can cover.
An overflowing fountain.

Wisdom is a person.

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