Friday, December 18, 2015

The Manger

I have been blessed many times by the words of this woman. Her thoughts about the manger are worth pondering.


  1. Living on a farm, we know that barns are generally very quiet places. So when I see all the Christmas craziness, screaming sales, busy-ness, parties, stress, whatever, I think of this quiet stable where God chose to be born, in less than desirable conditions, laid in a food trough--yet a bit away from the societal madness, if you will. Then the first "guests" to arrive were the stinky, low-life shepherds. They took the angel's message to heart, and were welcomed into the quiet to meet the Son of God, while everyone else in the area went about their usual busy-ness. He thinx outside the box, our God does......

  2. He does indeed. Thanks for the reminder.


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